Changing Systems and Lives

At DWC, we believe that homelessness is not inevitable and can be reduced through advocacy and civic engagement. That’s why community research, learning, and collaboration are at the very heart of our work to end women’s homelessness and drive systems change. Our programs aim to lift up the diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences of DWC residents and participants in the following ways.

DWC Advocates Program

Our Advocates Program provides women with the tools and training to become successful, confident advocates for themselves, for other women experiencing homelessness, and for DWC.

Advocacy & Policy

Our Advocacy & Policy work is rooted in a commitment to advancing gender, housing, health, and racial equity for all.

Needs Assessments

The Los Angeles Women’s Needs Assessments document the needs, characteristics, and conditions facing our community every three years, with the goal of providing a comprehensive reference for the development of evidence-based service and policy interventions in greater Los Angeles.

Domestic Violence & Homeless Services Coalition

Our leadership in the Domestic Violence & Homeless Services Coalition (DVHSC) leverages community partnerships and research to bring awareness to the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness.