Community research, learning, and collaboration are at the very heart of our work to end women’s homelessness and drive systems change. Click through the resources below, check out our FAQs, and subscribe to our e-newsletter to learn more about DWC’s efforts to achieve gender and racial parity in housing and homeless services.

Advocacy & Policy

Achieving policy change is critical to ending women’s homelessness, and we can’t do it alone. Learn more about our policy objectives and steps you can take to drive change in Los Angeles.

Annual Greater LA Homeless Count

Homelessness is increasing every year across Los Angeles. Learn more about the Annual Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, which helps us better understand homelessness in our region and direct resources to the areas they’re needed most.

Funding for Women’s Homelessness

How do services for ending women’s homelessness get funded in Los Angeles? The short answer is that it’s a long and complex one … learn more now.

Housing First

Homelessness has only one solution: permanent affordable housing for all. Learn more about the research-based solution that is gaining traction nationally.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is a cornerstone in addressing women’s homelessness, and has been proven to drastically improve both short- and long-term outcomes. Learn more about our work as a leader in the field TIC.

Violence Against Women

The staggeringly high prevalence of gender-based violence is the biggest difference in men’s and women’s experiences of homelessness in Los Angeles. Learn more about the issue and its solutions.

Domestic Violence & Homeless Services Coalition

More than half of women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles have survived domestic or interpersonal violence in their lifetime. Learn more about our Domestic Violence & Homeless Services Coalition’s (DVHSC) work at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness.