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Tiny Bunny: Preview

In Russian folklore, hares are considered the most cowardly animals: how many fairy tales and fables on this topic have been composed! However, in the visual horror novel called "Bunny", it is not the lop-eared animal that will have to be afraid, but the player. So far, only the first episode has been released (by the way, it can be played for free), but this is quite enough to tell you about what the project is and whether it is worth waiting for a continuation at all.

Good Russian novels are rare and unique. Especially if they have a horror postscript. From the first minutes "Bunny" gives the impression of just such a game, high-quality and unusual. And since Tiny Bunny (the English-language name of the project) is made by our compatriots, it is not at all surprising that its action takes place in Russia, and the characters are surrounded by many references to things well known to us, from detectives from the Black Kitten series to hippos from Kinder Surprise ". But personally, the game immediately captivated me with the mention of Conan the Barbarian: the protagonist read a book about his adventures.

The peak of popularity of the stories of Howard (Robert Howard) and his followers came in Russia in the 90s, so it is easy to guess thatTiny Bunny is just a short story about this very era. The main character, 12-year-old Anton, together with his parents and younger sister, recently moved to the village, to the house of their recently deceased grandmother. In a new place, the boy feels as uncomfortable as possible, and his little sister only adds fuel to the fire: she says that a terrible owl is staring at her at night. At the same time, a peer of Anton disappears in the village, and our hero is fired up with the idea of ​​going in search of the missing.

According to the creators of "Bunny" , weak and defenseless Anton is an ideal character for horror. By controlling it, the player has little to oppose to unknown evil and feels extremely helpless. At the same time, the boy has extremely folding and ornate inner monologues - not every adult expresses himself so elegantly. Anton's literary syllable, on the one hand, is very pleasant to perceive (as if you are reading a story), but on the other, it is a little discordant with the image of a schoolboy. This can be attributed to the fact that the hero spends a lot of time reading books and magazines. Plus, the authors themselves say that the hero's inner monologues are not so much his thoughts as an artistic arrangement of his experiences. Moreover, Anton's direct speech does not differ in pretentiousness.

For the basis of "Bunny"the eponymous story by Dmitry Mordas was taken , but much in the novel will differ from the original source - new characters will appear, and the old ones will receive more screen time. At the same time, the developers still advise you to read the story after completing the game, so as not to spoil yourself too much.

Among the sources of inspiration, it is difficult not to notice the work of David Lynch (David Lynch). So, thanks to "Twin Peaks" I well remembered that nothing good should be expected from a TV broadcasting such interference!

There is a lot of text in Tiny Bunny (it is important to clarify - very well-written text), but the player will not only have to read the characters' lines, but sometimes interact with the world: examine and pick up objects and sometimes choose what to do next. More mechanics should appear in the next episodes, but there are no details about them yet.

A total of five episodes are planned to be released, and one of several endings will await Anton in the finale. Which one depends on the actions of the player. Again, I cannot but praise this approach - the variability of the passage adds depth and replayability to the project. The first episode is essentially just an outset: it is not oversaturated with events and more acquaints us with the main character and his entourage. Well, and leaves a few intriguing hooks.

But most importantly, the novel is not lazy to scare. The authors skillfully raise the alarm, and then either clench or, on the contrary, unclench the fist, which contains the player's emotions. Several times "Bunny" makes, if not cry out in sudden horror, then flinch for sure. The musical accompaniment only exacerbates the excitement, and all kinds of noises, creaks and rustles perfectly emphasize what is happening.

The first episode of Tiny Bunny was supposed to be released at the end of 2016, but game development is a difficult and troublesome thing: so much has been said and written about it! The authors do not name the exact timing of the release of the second (already paid) episode, limiting themselves to the laconic "soon". Now, according to them, all the main resources are thrown into voice acting, to which professionals are attracted. It remains to be hoped that the team will have enough creative strength to bring the matter to the end and the ending of the story will not have to wait a few more years. At least after passing the first episode, I want to quickly see what horrors await Anton next.