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Birch lumber

Wood Birch: Direct deliveries from the manufacturer to the most favorable conditions! The company name offers a wide range of construction and finishing materials based on high-quality birch wood according to the most profitable prices in the region.

Of all the hardwood wood, used in the wooden construction and production of furniture, birch is the most "Russian", so its demand in this area is fully explained. Birch wood bright, with a pinkish, yellow or golden brown tint, and silky to the touch. It is light, but at the same time durable. Birch is easily processing, especially in a "hot" form when it becomes especially flexible.

Wood birch from title: Unlimited features for the production of furniture and interior decorations!

The most wide demand for lumber from birch was obtained in furniture production. Birch wood with its smooth matte surface and light noble color is an indispensable material for the manufacture of luxury furniture. In this area, as a rule, use Karelian Birch. Although the birch on the structure is soft, it is quite difficult to split, therefore, in the strength characteristics of furniture from Birch, it is not necessary to doubt.

Birch wood is afraid of high humidity and, as a result, rotting processes, therefore it is used in wooden construction much less frequently. At the same time, the birch cutting board, plywood and other types of products manufactured by the company name are the wider use of wooden houses in the interior decoration. Birch is a breed of wood that is capable of making any room is truly warm and cozy.

Deliveries of birch wood from title: Further and convenient wood birch from the name is a wide selection of materials for the production of furniture and interior finishing works. We produce building materials such as typical sizes and non-standard, based on the requirements and wishes of customers. Our prices are one of the most profitable in the region, since the name is an enterprise that carries out a full range of operations on the workpiece and processing of birch wood. Building materials from the name are direct deliveries from the manufacturer without intermediaries. Wood birch from the name is delivery to the most squeezed dates.

Cooperation with the company name is the most favorable conditions and guarantee of the quality of any type of product.

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