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The Secret World: Preview Kizi Game

It is somehow not customary to talk about the oversaturation of the online Kizi games market with Korean crafts today - the truth has long been known and discussed. Adequate developers of online entertainment have long realized that it is possible to attract and retain the attention of an experienced player only with a fresh idea, supported by a worthy implementation. The sensational World of Tanks, dear Star Wars: The Old Republic, Champions Online - without these cute venting projects, the image of modern multiplayer misfortune would be much poorer. Desura (these are, for a minute, those who gave us The Longest Journey dilogy ) in terms of the construction of originality - they are still great. Age of conan- their first MMORPG, which had everything in order with new ideas. Yes, there were some difficulties at the initial stage: brakes and lags, lack of decent high-level content. But the playing people realized that not everything is cool with the gnomes and the same tasks. The Secret World is a fresh author's statement from the developers.

The mystery game has intrigued from the very announcement - it happened, we recall, already five years ago. The teasers impressed with their production and gave us confidence that some kind of super-original fiefdom was coming for the adherents of the MMO sector. And now the release is already in June, and The Secret World worries no less than it was in 2007. Although since then a lot of things, of course, have become clear.

For example, the long-boring conventions of online grindiloks are not expected here. Have you suffered from sleepless nights for the sake of the longed-for "experience"? Forget it! Did you suffer at the very beginning when choosing a class, set up several accounts to test yourself no longer in the role of a deadly magician, but as an uncompromising "tank"? An end to your misfortunes! Can't get used to the fact that those geeks who don't look as attractive as the representatives of your chosen race have a couple of useful and unique abilities? Even with this kind of injustice, Desura promises to deal with it in one fell swoop. Everything is quite simple - in The Secret World there is no division of players by race, class or level.

At the start, we will only have an unremarkable individual who, over time, will acquire a mass of original skills. There will be about five hundred of them in total. The most diverse, it should be noted. No restrictions on the choice are foreseen. The acquisition will be carried out for a special currency - a local analogue of experience, which will have to be obtained without sparing the mouse keys and nerves. But just before the battle, they will put us in a certain frame: it is allowed to take seven active and as many passive skills with us. Thus, a character with one set can emit streams of lightning, and with another, he will turn into a useful doctor who will heal the party members from a distance and give them a "respawn".

The developers brushed aside the classic conventions of online Kizi games at once. It is accepted, for example, that cool "purple" clothes bring a lot of bonuses to attack, defense and the ability to enchant the interlocutor. In The Secret World, the clothes of the characters can only be admired, nothing more. The selection of rags will be limited solely by your taste preferences and financial capabilities. The functional load of jackets, trousers, bandanas and patches carries only one - visually contemplative.

You ask: what influences the characteristics of the player? Oh, here's a small but pleasant surprise. We will not dwell for a long time on all kinds of trinket amulets with prize "plus 40 to mana" - there are enough such joys in all kinds of "warcraft". But, for example, a special dragon tattoo with a unique pattern, applied in a strictly defined place and giving bonuses to defense, will be more interesting. We already expect that the profession of a tattoo artist will be introduced in The Secret World. And then players who are predisposed to drawing will have an additional way to earn in-game currency.

The Secret World is notoriously grabbing the attention it deserves for two compelling reasons: the developer's name and the daring storyline. You don't need to say anything more about Desura. Unless you need to mention their main writer in a separate note. But the plot is really intriguing. The general structure of the in-game world and the plot of the story alter our understanding of the MMO game no less than the original role-playing system.

A gripping and daring storyline in The Secret World - much to the credit of Ragnar Tornquist. At Desura, he is listed as almost the most important and most needed screenwriter, editor, designer and spiritual mentor. According to this young man, the stories in the upcoming multiplayer game are written for several years in advance. In the assignments, we will have to engage in detective investigations, participate in indispensable sorties to the enemy base, undermine the authority of the local leaders, not forgetting, of course, about the usual skirmishes. It should also be noted that a separate big story has been written for each faction. Long enough, according to the Desura staff, - even experienced players will have to sweat.

Do you believe in vampires? There will be plenty of them in The Secret World . Ecumenical conspiracies? You are welcome! Sinister monsters, Freemasons, Illuminati? Anything! The local world contains all the secrets, legends and beliefs invented (and not so much) for many years. In general, you understand - Cthulhu exists, zombies will definitely climb to you through the window, someone will have to open Pandora's box once a quarter.

In this volatile environment, we have to join one of three great communities. For example, the Templars are slightly cynical poseurs who do not mind telling everyone they meet about the main ideas of their brotherhood. Benevolent intentions, respect for your history, belief in strength and, pardon the tautology, faith - these are the pillars on which the inner ideology of the Templars is built. The righteous sit at their headquarters, which is located somewhere in the darkest nooks of London.

The Illuminati serve as a counterweight to the Templars in The Secret World . For them, the laws are not written, the plans are filled with due cunning, and the framework of decent behavior in society is completely abolished.

The Korean dragons (yes, that's the name of the faction) are sort of a bit away from the main conflict between the Illuminati and the Templars. This does not mean that they do not care deeply about leadership ambitions - it is just that the purposeful people of the East are biding their time. As such, enmity between the three camps is not spelled out. It's just that, let's say, their supporters are in difficult relationships with each other.

The Secret World offers a variety of weapons to choose from - from katanas and swords to rifles and pistols. Magic is represented by modern and almost "real" schools: voodoo, illusionism, mysticism and the like in the range. Casting spells, distributing fireballs under the collar, freezing and remote control - in combination with a submachine gun, it will look good. PvP battles are a set of classic multiplayer action modes. There is also "Domination", and a kind of analogue of the "King of the Hill". There will certainly be a classic "All against all".

Runs through secret dungeons are also provided. They will be imprisoned in most cases exclusively for collective passage. And here in the party without any problems you can take a partner from a rival faction - even according to the plot of the local universe, warring clans sometimes unite for a great goal.

The Secret World is yet another attempt by Desura to show us that pleasant exceptions can happen in the stagnant MMO sector. Only now, all these complex stories about the Templars and dragons, vampires and zombies against the background of universal conspiracies would look more appropriate in the framework of a large single player game. Whether the developers will be able to regale us with portions of an intriguing plot for a long time, without forgetting about regular content additions, is a big question.