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Women living in Skid Row face many barriers to employment. DWC’s education and job readiness resources aim to break the cycles of unemployment and homelessness for women.

We're helping women break the cycles of chronic unemployment and homelessness through our job resources.


For homeless or formerly homeless women, barriers to employment can range from physical disabilities and mental health obstacles to a lack of formal work experience or long bouts of unemployment after job loss.

DWC’s Learning Center provides classes in computer skills, literacy and math, academic and vocational counseling sessions, job readiness preparation, and employment placement services.


DWC plays a critical role in helping women back to work by cultivating partnerships with local businesses. Together, we train and employ women overcoming homelessness, and continue to provide them support throughout the process, even once gainful employment is achieved. Watch our employment video here.

Current Job Partners include Bloomingdale’s, Evy of California, Groundworks, LA Kitchen, LA LIVE, Piece by Piece, and more!

Become a Job Partner

Become a job partner to help employ homeless and low-income women!


Through our volunteer-led workshops, women rebuild self-confidence and learn skills like sewing, photography, creative writing, acting, and more. Participants also collaborate with staff and community artists to design MADE by DWC’s signature product line handMADE.

volunteer-led workshops


MADE by DWCMADE by DWC is our social enterprise, created to break the cycles of chronic unemployment and homelessness.

MADE by DWC consists of the handMADE product line created by the women of DWC, and two store fronts in downtown LA. By empowering women to discover talents and develop skills through vocational opportunities, MADE by DWC generates economic and social capital to support our programs.

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