Women’s Homelessness

We believe that homelessness is not inevitable, but that it’s a societal problem that bears especially hard on women. And it can be ended.


There are an estimated 13,300 homeless women in LA County.

Skid Row’s women are not faceless. Nor hopeless. They aren’t dreamless, or skill-less, or friendless.

Many factors may drive a woman to the streets, whether domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, job loss and unemployment, lack of social support network, mental illness, physical disability, or substance abuse.


At DWC, we know housing first is key to an individual’s successful transition out of homelessness and on the path to success.

Permanent supportive housing is comfortable, safe, and affordable housing without time limits. It links residents to wraparound, on-site services like health care, education, job readiness, and community-building activities.

Additionally, we provide Critical Time Intervention (CTI) case management to support women during and after a transition to community living to housing, and empower them to achieve stability and independence.

Located in the center of Skid Row, DWC understands, listens to, and works with the women in our community to secure them housing and other services. We know every individual needs a sense of purpose, and a point of connection. When a woman comes to DWC, there are no closed doors, only opportunities.


We have developed and honed a 5-point approach to provide women the combination of housing, medical and mental health services, social networks, and financial security needed to end homelessness.

95% of the women we serve remain housed permanently
– a high success rate and a major milestone towards ending homelessness.

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