Ending women's homelessness for good

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing (PSH) is comfortable, safe, and affordable housing without time limits.

Using the Housing First model, DWC provides 119 units of PSH for single unaccompanied women across our two residences in downtown Los Angeles.

Each resident has access to the individualized support and services she needs to not only exit homelessness for good, but also to thrive in her new community and work toward achieving her goals. Residents enjoy a variety of on-site services, including health care, education, job readiness, and community-building activities. They are also encouraged to continue working with their case managers to ensure they have the support they need to achieve long-term stability.

Our housing model has successfully ended homelessness for hundreds since we pioneered permanent supportive housing for women in 1986.

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“I’ll never forget the day that I received my key to my new home. I opened the door to a clean, beautiful apartment that took me months to believe was actually mine.”


Program Spotlight

Our flagship San Pedro Street residences, opened in 2010, were designed to include an outdoor patio on the second floor in response to participants’ desire for a safe, outdoor space where they could socialize, read, take a phone call, or just soak up the LA sun. The 2,064-square foot patio has become a special place for staff and residents alike, many of whom have not felt safe outdoors since first entering homelessness. Lined with flowering citrus trees, the patio also features several vertical hydroponic gardens donated by Urban Gardens, where women can grow lettuces, kale, and seasonal vegetables; they are especially beloved by our older residents who use walkers and/or experience body pains. Our patio hosts various activities and events for staff and residents all year long, including July 4th celebrations, gardening clubs, special lunches, and exercise classes.