Health and Wellness Program

Creating a Safe, Healthy Community With Women-Centered Services in Skid Row



Our Day Center is the entry point for our women-centered services and the hub of our healthy community. It provides a safe space for women in the heart of the Skid Row neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles. Women who come through our doors have access to:

  • 3 nutritious meals daily
  • Clean bathrooms and showers
  • Changes of clothes, including clean socks and underwear
  • A mailing address to receive mail
  • A safe place to rest and socialize with other women
  • One-on-one case management

Through our case management services, we provide women with housing support via the Coordinated Entry System (CES), which connects chronically homeless individuals with permanent housing throughout Los Angeles County. Day Center case managers can also link women to healthcare, legal aid, transportation, job training and educational services, as well as work placements and other resources.



Women experiencing homelessness frequently live with healthcare needs that are largely unmet by existing healthcare systems. In partnership with JWCH, at our Women’s Health Clinic—the only women-specific health clinic in Skid Row—we provide primary care, STD and HIV testing, tuberculosis and cancer screenings, vaccinations, mammograms, and physical as well as mental health assessments.

Our exceptionally-trained staff also focus on preventative care to reduce diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. We supplement clinic offerings with self-care and health education workshops, fitness classes, and enrichment activities.

Providing these services in a women-only environment is critical not only because it helps ensure women are receiving care that meets their unique needs; it also reduces the chance of re-traumatization for women who have experienced violence at the hands of men.


Violence against women is a primary driver of women’s homelessness and the vast majority of women who live in Skid Row are survivors of violence—more than 90% of women surveyed in the 2016 Downtown Women’s Needs Assessment reported they had experienced violence at some point during their lifetimes. Our Trauma Recovery Center was created in partnership with Peace Over Violence and is funded through the California Victims Compensation Program. The Center offers individual therapy, psychiatric services, and referrals to trauma services.


“At DWC I found a place that treated me with compassion and provided the services I needed to get my life back on track. I received medical treatment for my mental illness and addiction, and went to therapy to work through the trauma I’d experienced. Today, I live in permanent housing, but I still make regular appointments with my therapist and case manager.” – Denise, Health and Wellness Program participant 


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