Providing individualized care to promote community healing

Clinical Services Program

Our Clinical Services Program complements our Health & Wellness Program by providing individualized case management and mental health services to DWC Day Center participants. Our exceptionally trained staff include case managers, mental health clinicians, a psychiatrist, and psychologist. 

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Case managers provide participants with housing support via the Coordinated Entry System (CES), which connects chronically homeless individuals with permanent housing throughout Los Angeles County. Case managers also assist participants with accessing healthcare, legal aid, transportation, job training and educational services, as well as work placements and other resources.

mental health services

Mental health clinicians and a psychiatrist in our Trauma Recovery Center provide trauma-informed individual psychotherapy, support groups, and medication management, utilizing evidence-based practices that focus on healing through traumatic experiences and coping with adversity. Our mental health clinicians include both staff and graduate students in our Clinical Internship Program, who offer sessions that meet each participant where they are. 

Our mental health team also coordinates a variety of community health workshops and trainings for DWC staff and community members alike in Trauma-Informed Care and Crisis Prevention Intervention. Click here to learn more about our trauma-informed approach to service provision.


case management sessions provided
mental health sessions provided
women received mental health services

“I’ve gained strength from the tools my therapist has given me, and am able to use them to make myself even better. I can’t thank DWC enough. I now know what my next steps are, and am able to give strength to others because DWC has reassured me of everything.”


Program Spotlight

Launched in mid-2019, our Problem-Solving unit is part of a Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) initiative that seeks to prevent and quickly resolve new instances of homelessness through creative problem-solving. Its strengths-based approach empowers participants to use existing skills and resources to avoid and/or reduce the amount of time spent in homelessness, with the goal of re-stabilizing their housing situation within 60 days. Providers undergo an intensive, 16-hour LASHA skills training that covers everything from landlord mediation and budgeting, to active listening and family reunification, before they are granted access to LAHSA financial resources on behalf of participants. Funds used constitute a once-in-a-lifetime grant to the participant, and can be combined with other housing and homelessness programs. In the first five months of 2020 alone, DWC staff held 290 conversations with LAHSA Problem-Solving participants and resolved homelessness for more than 30 women!