Building a bridge home

Bridge Housing

Launched in August 2019, our Bridge Housing Program provides critical overnight housing to single, unaccompanied women who are in the process of securing permanent housing. Rather than just providing night-to-night shelter, the program works to quickly get women off the streets and keep them housed, in order to end homelessness for good. 

Every night, staff and volunteers convert our Day Center into an area where 25 women can comfortably eat dinner, relax, and sleep indoors. The women are able to participate in a variety of enrichment activities, including meditation and exercise groups. One extra cot is always made available for emergency cases, while the other cots are reserved for the same 25 women each night. 

Every woman in the Bridge Housing Program is paired with a Housing Case Manager. Once someone secures permanent housing and moves out, another woman is able to take her spot!

Download a PDF of our program flyer here!


Women Served
Showers Provided
Activities Coordinated

“I was very impressed with the night staff in the Bridge program. They are the most patient people I’ve ever met. They treat you with respect.”


Program Background

The Bridge Housing Program allowed DWC to start providing additional shelter to many unsheltered Day Center participants, several of whom had been sleeping on the sidewalk in front of DWC. Through its Bridge Housing Program, DWC is able to grow existing relationships with Day Center participants and expand the services offered to them, by providing the safety and stability of a place to sleep at night. Beyond immediate shelter and assistance with procuring permanent housing, Bridge Housing participants are also connected with mental health and medical services, and are provided access to basic supplies like clothing and hygiene. In April 2020, Los Angeles City Council approved additional funding for DWC’s Bridge Housing Program through June 2021.